Benefits of Stem Cell Preservation

Stem Cell PreservationStem Cell Preservation refers to the collection and restoration of stem cells that are rich in nutrients, and present in the body, particularly the umbilical cord during birth. But what is it that makes stem cells so important to be preserved? Essentially, stem cells are extremely adaptable such that they can be easily replicated into all mature cells of the body – red blood cells (RBC), white blood cells (WBC) and the platelets that form the basic elements of a healthy blood and a strong immune system. RBC carries oxygen to different cells in the body. WBC fights infection. Platelets help in clotting when the body is injured.

Stem cell preservation, as a whole, is quite simple being associated with the umbilical cord blood, though more with a futuristic outlook. Right after the baby is delivered; his or her umbilical cord is fastened and cut. This releases blood which is then transported to a laboratory where it is frozen at a temperature of -195 degree Celsius, without posing any danger to the mother and the baby. The transfer to the preservation condition is safe and accurate. At present, stem cells are mostly used as a transplant remedy for reproducing patients’ blood and immune system after their treatment with radiation and/or chemotherapy, for destroying cancerous cells. Many other dynamic treatments have been planned for the future, owing to the fact that cord blood plays a pivotal role in stem cell preservation.

The stem cell preservation has been widely recognized as a medical advancement with huge avenues for the betterment of mankind, particularly pregnant women who are today willing to collect cord blood which can be used in the future to cure grave health conditions of the baby, his or her siblings and even unrelated receivers. Further, the process of cord blood collection does not impose any risk for either the mother or the child during the stem cell preservation.
Stem Cell Preservation Stem Cell Preservation Stem Cell Preservation
In the wake of cord blood stem cells treating more than 80 varied disorders and diseases right from immune disorders to blood cancers, they are further being researched upon for treating many other terrible diseases in the years to come. At present, every single American out of three, benefits from this treatment. Children having their cord blood stem cells would be the first recipient to receive ample benefits from this regenerative medicine, since they will not face the risk of their immune system not accepting the cells, as they belong to them only. This is why stem cell preservation is also considered a kind of security and insurance for your future life that can be put to a potential use if required.

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